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Steven Spielberg Director's Collection (Blu-ray)(Region Free)

Steven Spielberg Director's Collection (1971-1997) | Blu-ray
Price: $179.99

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This Blu-ray bundle includes the following titles

-Duel (Blu-ray)
While traveling through the desert for an appointment with a client, the businessman David Mann from California passes a slow and old tanker truck. The psychotic truck driver feels offended and chases David along the empty...

-The Sugarland Express (Blu-ray)
A woman attempts to reunite her family by breaking her husband out of prison and kidnapping their baby from his foster parents. But things don't go as planned and they are forced to take a cop hostage on the road.

-Jaws (Blu-ray)
A giant great white shark arrives on the shores of a New England beach resort and wreaks havoc with bloody attacks on swimmers until a part-time sheriff teams up with a marine biologist and an old seafarer to hunt the monster...

-1941 (Blu-ray)
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, mass hysteria breaks out in Southern California when a Japanese submarine is spotted off the coast of Santa Barbara.

-E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (Blu-ray)
An extra-terrestrial is accidentally left behind on Earth and is befriended by a young boy and his brother and sister. As Elliot attempts to help his extra-terrestrial companion contact his home planet so that he might be...

-Always (Blu-ray)
Pete Sandich and buddy Al Yackey are daredevil aerial forest-fire fighters. Pete finds True Love with Dorinda but won't give up the job. When he takes one risk too many, Dorinda faces deep grief and cannot easily put her life...

-Jurassic Park (Blu-ray)
On a remote island where an amazing theme park with living cloned dinosaurs is located, five people must battle to survive among the prehistoric predators when the security system breaks down and the beasts are released from...

-The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Blu-ray)
It has been four years since the disaster at Jurassic Park and two groups are in a race against time that will determine the fate of the remote island's prehistoric inhabitants.

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