Its funny how some obsessions start & take you on a magical journey that you just wouldn't believe before they grip you.

It started when we rented a VHS copy of True Lies, looking at the specs, we saw "Dolby Stereo" on the Box. Unfortunately, we only had a mono player. Needless to say, a Stereo VHS player followed quickly.

The Bug had bitten us as the difference in quality was amazing. A trip to hear a Top Gun demo in Dolby Surround then led us to surround sound speakers and a receiver.

One thing to point out is, at this stage, we were still living in England. A projector and screen was the next progressive step, as well as a Dolby Digital receiver and the first American DVD player in England. Word spread and an article in “Home Cinema Choice” appeared in their November 1997 issue.

We crossed the Atlantic in 2001 and the bug kept biting. DLP TVs, Laserdiscs, DVHS, DTS Receivers, Paradigm speakers etc. I'm sure you've all been there, or at least are there now. But maybe the most influential product to hit so far has been today's HD DVD and Blu Ray! Can we get any better than this? Do we need any better than this? You all know just how stimulating this genre is and once you are hooked, it takes over your life.

This site will stand by this product, as we are enthusiasts just like yourselves and for the past 10 years, we have been customers, just like yourselves. We aim to provide unrivalled customer satisfaction. We visit all the HD Forums and find High Def Digest to be the most informative. We are not going to get sucked in by the Big Selling DVD market. We will sell only what we love. We are a family business and hope to give you the personal touch.

Welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy the experience, and we are here to help.

Glen Mulder Owner, Customer Liaison

Born in England, 1957. Lover of all the classics like Gone with the Wind, Dirty Dancing, Braveheart but holds a special place for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Also a big fan of English comedies like Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral (Hugh Grant is great). Have any of you seen the English movie Fever Pitch about an English soccer team Arsenal FC? Well, that is MY team, and trust me, that is another thing that gets to you hooked. Glen is now the owner of what he considers to be the most exciting episode of his life: HD Movie Source.

Glen Mulder

Mark Mulder Owner, Stock, Order Processing, Shipping Manager

Born in England 1981. Lover of Soccer (or as us English call it, football). Support same team as his father (Arsenal FC), and loved to go to home games back in England. Also passionate about video games, especially XBox 360. Hope you enjoy the website!

Carl Mulder Owner, Social Networks, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization

Born in England, 1980. Carl has a huge appreciation for quality sound and picture as well as a well designed home theater set-up. Never satisfied with the standard DVD quality, High Definition and BLU-RAY DVDs were a welcomed arrival. Frustrated with hard-to-use websites, he we wanted to create HD Movie Source as a user friendly site for fellow movie enthusiasts. Like his brother, he enjoys video games and loves competitive console associations. He hopes to see the quality of a home cinema set-up top the gaming world.

Carl Mulder